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IPO NamePriceGMP% GainDate
Platinum Industries IPO171-+0%27-29 February 2024
Exicom Tele-Systems IPO14280+56%27-29 February 2024
Mukka Proteins IPO-10+0%26-28 February 2024
GPT Healthcare IPO186-+0%22-26 February 2024
Juniper Hotels IPO3605+1%21-23 February 2024
Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO151140+92%List On 425 (+181%)
Entero Healthcare Solutions12585+0.4%List On 1228 (-2.33%)
Capital Small Finance Bank468-+0%List On 430 (-8%)
Jana Small Finance Bank41418+4.35%List On 396 (-4%)
Rashi Peripherals IPO31152+17%List On 339. (9%)
Appejay Surrendra Park15539+25%List On 186 (20%)
BLS E-Services135159+118%List On 305 (126%)
Nova Agritech IPO4113+32%List On 55 (+34%)
EPACK Durable IPO2305+2%List On 221 (-3.91%)
Medi Assist IPO41835+8%List On 460 (+10%)
Jyoti CNC IPO33140+12%List On 370 (+11.8%)
Innova Captab IPO44835+8%List On 452 (+0.92%)
Azad Engineering Ltd IPO524205+39%List On 720 (+37.4%)
Credo Brands IPO28080+28%List On 282 (+.84%)
RBZ Jewellers IPO100-+0%List on 100 (+0%)
Happy Forgings IPO850235+28%List On 1,000 (+17.65%)
Suraj Estate Developers IPO36015+4%List On 340 (-5.56%)
Muthoot Microfin Ltd IPO29127+9%List On 275 (-5.40%)
Motisons Jewellers IPO5570+127%List On 109. (+98.18%)
In this Table, we update All Current and Upcoming IPO GMPs, so keep this in mind before applying for any IPO.

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IPO NameList OnPriceGMP Price% GainDate
Purv Flexipack IPONSE7182+115%27-29 February 2024
Deem Roll Tech IPONSE12946+36%20-22 February 2024
Zenith Drugs IPONSE7920+25%19-22 February 2024
Esconet TechnologiesNSE8493+111%16-20 February 2024
Atmastco IPONSE776+8%15-20 February 2024
Thaai Casting IPONSE7780+104%15-20 February 2024
WTI Cabs IPONSE14745+30%List On 195 (33%)
Alpex Solar IPONSE115140+121%List On 329 (186%)
Rudra Gas EnterpriseBSE6348+76%List On 119 (90%)
Italian Edibles IPONSE6812+18%List On 55 (-19%)
Baweja Studios IPONSE1808+4%List On 183 (1.67%)
Docmode Health TechNSE7915+19%List On 190 (+140%)
Megatherm InductionNSE108107+99%List On 198 (+83%)
DelaPlex IPONSE192125+65%List On 309 (+61%)
Fonebox IPONSE70120+171%List On 200 (+185%)
Euphoria InfotechBSE10080+80%List On 190 (+90%)
Konstelec Engineers IPONSE7090+128%List On 210 (+200%)
Lawsikho IPONSE140170+121%List On 310 (+121%)
Maxposure IPONSE3380+242%List On 139 (+339%)
Shree Marutinandan TubesBSE14312+8%List On 200 (+40%)
Australian Premium SolarNSE5450+93%List On 140 (+159%)
New Swan MultitechBSE6660+92%List On 125 (+90%)
IBL Finance IPONSE513+6%List On 56 (+9.8%)
Kaushalya LogisticsNSE7540+53%List On 100 (+33%)
Kay Cee EnergyNSE5490+167%List On 252 (+352%)
Akanksha PowerNSE5510+18%List On 62 (+13%)
MCPLBSE62-+0%List On 82 (+32%)
HRH Next ServicesNSE369+25%List On 41 (+14%)
Balaji Valve ComponentBSE10045+45%List On 190 (+90%)
AIK pipesBSE899+10%List On 100 (+12%)
Sameera AgroNSE180-+0%List On 180 (+0%)
IndifraNSE65-+0%List On 72 (+11%)
Supreme Power EquipmentNSE6550+77%List On 98 (+50%)
Trident TechlabsNSE3545+128%List On 98 (+180%)
Shanti SpintexBSE7015+21%List On 76 (+8.5%)
Electro Force IndiaNSE93-+0%List On 100 (+7.5%)
Sahara MaritimeBSE81-+0%List On 81 (-)
In this Table, we update All Current and Upcoming SME IPO GMPs, so keep this in mind before applying for any SME IPO.

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  • Understand the IPO GMP Data table
    • Price – Cutoff price to apply for IPO.
    • GMP – Grey Market Premium
    • % Gain – Expected returns as per the GMP.
    • Date – IPO Apply Price (After listing in the market, we update the listing price with returns instead of applying date to see the Listing gain of all old IPOs
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What is the GMP?

GMP stands for Grey Market Premium, which means the demands of any particular IPOs in the Grey market, which is unregulated.

Most people want to check IPO GMP Today because of the expected returns for the listing gain as per the Grey Market.

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